Context and Motivation

In the context of Europe 2020 Strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth and the relevant Action 60: Increase participation of women in the ICT workforce, the ultimate goal of the Conference is:

To raise awareness on how ICT can be a long-term solution to promote female employment at European and national level;
To initiate and support better collaboration between Public and Private sector stakeholders aiming at the creation of digital jobs at national level;
To exchange good practice at European level among participants.
Key Message

The Conference aims to demonstrate the link between e-Skills, Gender Diversity and ICT as a solution for economic growth based on the creation of digital jobs.


Focusing on the main issues of the Women in ICT policy, the objectives of the Conference will be a common elaboration for the below mentioned key priorities:

Strengthen the positions of women in the ICT sector and the attitude and approach of partners and stakeholders in the labour market when tackling the problem of labour supply & demand mismatch in the EU;
Promote good practice for career counselling and mentoring to be mainstreamed;
Foster the dialogue between women and ICT companies by promoting the attractiveness of ICT careers among women and strengthening the trust of ICT companies, especially SMEs, in women as employees;
Establish a direct contact with women willing to start/change to ICT careers and assist them in finding relevant stakeholders for their career development.
Thematic Approach

The Agenda of the Conference includes four sessions:

1. "Women & Girls Go Digital – WGGD for increasing the female talent in Digital Jobs";
2. Bringing more women into digital sector;
3. Knowledge Shots for Women in ICT;
4. Announcement of the ADA Awards 2014.

The discussion will:

identify the existing barriers for women to be part of ICT workforce at national level;
address the digital skills gap;
highlight the impact of the new technology enablers on the female workforce;
raise awareness about the added value by including female talent in digital jobs, research and innovation;
promote new opportunities for young digital entrepreneurs;
invite the media to play an active role in presenting good practice of Gender Diversity in Digital Jobs.

The conference is by invitation only involving:

High level officials of the EU Member States and EEA countries;
Representatives of public and private sector stakeholders;
Young entrepreneurs;
Women ICT managers and professionals;
Researchers and creative thinkers from the private and public sector;
The European Centre for Women and Technology.